Our best selling wool pillow. Hypoallergenic, 100% natural and all the temperature and moisture control benefits of wool. Adjustable filling and machine washable.

This pillow is truly adjustable. You can tailor the filling to make it into the perfect pillow for you!
When your pillow arrives, simply un-zip the tab-less safety zip by sliding it open using your thumb and index finger. Inside you'll find a filling of natural wool clusters, which we call 'wool balls'.

Softer Pillow
If you like a softer pillow - dig your hands in and pull the clusters apart adding air and plumping up your pillow.

Flatter Pillow
If you like a flatter pillow, remove a suitable quantity of wool to make the pillow just the right height for you.
TOP TIP: Use the calico bag that your pillow arrives in to store any excess wool

Deeper, Firmer Pillow
If you like a deeper, firmer pillow you can buy extra wool balls to stuff your pillow really full! The longer you leave your pillow the firmer it will start to feel, so for a softer fluffier pillow, feel free to regularly shake it up and pull apart the wool inside. Perfect!

We have chosen to stock the woolroom's range of wool bedding as they are the only proven natural hypoallergenic bedding option on the market. Scientific testing over a period of six weeks has shown that dust mites can not survive in wool which is why their range has been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Great for those with asthma and allergies with no need to wash at 60 degrees or freeze your bedding to stay allergy free.

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Deluxe Wool Pillow

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