Your mattress is unquestionably the most important part of your bed.  We have personally selected the best range from Hypnos to display in our store for customers to come and try to ensure they get the best match for their personal requirements.  We always recommend that you try a mattress in store before you buy...take an hour out of your day for a lie really is the only way to judge a mattress. You don't need to be any more technical than that to gauge comfort levels  The part that does get slightly more technical are the fillings! 

From a personal point of view, I am a hot blooded person so I am a firm believer in keeping all bedding as natural as is physically and financially possible!  If you are the same, I would always recommend that you opt for 100% cotton sheets and duvet covers, and ideally Alpaca filled duvets to help with heat regulation....more on this in the bedding section of the website, however the fillings in your mattress should also be as breathable as possible too which is where the natural fillings really come in to their own.

All our mattresses are filled with natures best fibre....Wool!  Wool "wicks" away moisture that may occur during your sleep, enabling your body to keep cool, without disturbing your sleep with the clammy/sticky feeling.  What's more, the clever little mattress makers ensure that vents are positioned along the sides of the mattress to ensure it remains well ventilated.  This helps to ensure mattress longevity as well as breathability.

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